Odds SLASHED on Italy to be next country to leave EU as Eurosceptic REVOLT threatens bloc

ITALY has become the bookies’ favourite to be the next country to leave the European.

‘Union Jackery!’ SNP meddled in M&S labelling row after Scotch whisky marked as BRITISH

THE Scottish Government was tonight accused of leaning on Marks & Spencer in a labelling.

Meghan Markle’s parents ‘barely speaking to each other’ after staged photos fiasco

WITH just three days to go until she marries Prince Harry, royal bride-to-be Meghan Markle’s.

Project Fear DEBUNKED: University boss admits Brexit claim was ‘plucked out of the air’

A UNIVERSITY boss has admitted that he made up a claim that British universities would.

Lords in fresh Brexit attack: Peers vote for UK to be tied to EU’s environment rules

THE House of Lords has dealt yet another blow to Theresa May’s landmark Brexit Bill.

How can they be so cruel? Baby elephant’s agony – chained up and crying, you’ll be enraged

TERRIFIED baby elephant Suman is literally wailing for her mother as she as she struggles.

Theresa May SHAMES Jeremy Corbyn during PMQs as he FAILS to rule out second referendum

PRIME Minister Theresa May put Jeremy Corbyn on the spot as she confronted him with.

‘ABANDON THE EURO’ Italy’s Lega-M5S coalition’s leaked manifesto ‘for change’ published

ITALY’S nationalist Lega and 5Star Movement coalition have been plotting to ditch the euro and.

East Coast Mainline to be RENATIONALISED BY TORIES after failure of Virgin franchise

THE troubled East Coast Mainline rail service is to be renationalised after a franchise agreement.

England World Cup fans’ FURY as they’re told NOT to wave flag as it will OFFEND foreigners

ENGLAND World Cup fans have reacted with fury after being told to avoid flying the.