UFO activity in Argentina is causing ‘EXTREME WEATHER’ – shock claim

A STRANGE orb-like UFO has been spotted in Argentina and alien hunters believe it could.

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TODAY’S horoscope sees the Moon remaining in the Zodiac sign of Aquarius and the Sun.

Earthquake WARNING: ‘CRITICAL’ tremor predicted in DAYS

EARTH should brace itself for a large earthquake in the coming days as planets in.

Egypt BOMBSHELL: 'Authorities are STOPPING us learning the truth about ancient society'

EGYPT’S pyramids are at the centre of a conspiracy theory claiming they were constructed using.

UFO MYSTERY: Pilots break silence on incredible ‘ALIEN’ sighting in Ireland

A PILOT has broken their silence over a mysterious bright light travelling at “astronomical speeds”.

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Today’s Aquarius Moon is making a semi-square with Saturn, and this will present a challenging.

END OF THE WORLD: ‘Messenger from God’ reveals APOCALYPSE is coming

A “PROPHETIC” man has revealed he was spoken to by GOD who told him that.

Egypt SHOCK claim: 'Evidence is in front of our eyes' that pyramids were 'built by aliens'

EGYPT’S Great Pyramid of Giza was built using “advanced high technology” and the evidence is.

Alien news: UFO sighting over Britain triggers ALIEN alert

A UFO has been spotted in British skies – triggering both puzzlement and a glut.

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TODAY’S horoscope arrives with the Sun in Scorpio and transit Moon in the zodiac sign.