Hawaii Volcano eruption: Amount of ASH in plume DECREASES but RISK REMAINS warn scientists

A MASSIVE plume of hot ash and toxic steam has been erupting from Kilauea volcano,.

Hawaii volcano eruption HORROR: Kilauea ‘DESTROYS’ island tourism as ticket prices CRASH

HAWAII’s slew of natural disasters has sent its tourism industry crashing as millions of dollars.

India Pakistan conflict: New Delhi ‘SUSPENDS’ military action in Kashmir during holy month

INDIA will suspend military operations against those fighting against its rule in the region of.

World War 3: Russians say the threat is IMMINENT as they fear Syria tensions will ESCALATE

A MAJORITY of Russians believe there is a genuine threat of the conflict in Syria.

World War 3: Tensions BOIL OVER as Israeli PM’s son FURIOUSLY SLAMS Turkey on social media

ISRAELI Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son, Yair, has posted an explicit and controversial Instagram post.

Russian WARSHIPS will be PERMANENTLY stationed near Syria in CHALLENGE to US

RUSSIA has said warships armed with advanced cruise missiles will be permanently deployed near Syria.

Hawaii volcano eruption: WATCH webcam LIVE as experts warn Kilauea explosion is IMMINENT

THE HAWAII volcano continued to erupt on Wednesday as Kilauea launched a huge ash cloud.

BREAKING: New Ebola OUTBREAK causes fatalities as disease enters ‘NEW PHASE’

A NEW case of the deadly virus Ebola has been detected in city of Mbandaka.

BREAKING: Two large EXPLOSIONS heard in Gaza from ‘Israeli AIRSTRIKES’

TWO LARGE explosions have been heard in Gaza following a series of four other explosions.

Hawaii volcano eruption: Red alert issued as ash poses a risk to aircraft

LAVA is continuing to flow from multiple points at the north-east end of Kilauea volcano,.