White House security alert: Car drives into checkpoint in Washington

A SECURITY alert has been triggered after a car crashed into a checkpoint near the.

Christianity crackdown: Priest beaten and abducted by mob – before police arrest HIM

A PRIEST was arrested by police after being abducted and beaten by Hindu radicals in.

North and South Korea AGREE to withdraw firearms in move that could see end to KOREAN WAR

NORTH and South Korea have united in an agreement to withdraw firearms and guard posts.

Mega Millions: WORLD RECORD $1.6 BILLION up for grabs – When are the results out?

THE BIGGEST jackpot in lottery history could be about to make some lucky person a.

European Union accused of establishing 'concentration camps' in attack on migration policy

EUROPEAN Union bosses are accused of plotting to set up “concentration camps” as part of.

Former Soviet leader Gorbachev blasts Trump's actions as 'not the work of a great mind'

FORMER Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev has warned Donald Trump not to “tear up” the 1987.

How Anjem Choudary insisted he will NEVER stop supporting ISIS

ANJEM Choudary has declared his support for ISIS and vowed to never stop preaching hate,.

D-DAY FOR MERKEL: Desperate chancellor in plea to voters DAYS before crucial vote

ANGELA Merkel has been pictured telephoning residents in the state of Hesse before they head.

World War Two hero who led daring mission to stop Hitler’s nuclear plans dies aged 99

A WORLD War Two hero who led a bold mission to prevent Nazi Germany developing.

Shocking moment FREAK hailstorm FLOODS Rome and TRAPS residents –VIDEO

SHOCKING footage shows the havoc wreaked by an extreme hailstorm striking Italy’s capital city, Rome,.