Camilla Duchess of Cornwall wore navy polkadot dress to meet Meghan Markle’s mother

CAMILLA PARKER BOWLES wore a navy polkadot dress and coat to meet Meghan Markle’s mother.

Camilla Duchess of Cornwall wows in bold purple number at Tate Britain with Prince Charles

CAMILLA, Duchess of Cornwall, wowed onlookers in a bold purple number when attending the 150th.

Camilla Duchess of Cornwall imitates the Queen in a pink twin suit wth Charles in London

CAMILLA PARKER BOWLES wore one of the Queen’s favourite shades and styles with her husband.

Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall wears a bracelet with this secret OCCULT meaning

CAMILLA PARKER BOWLES, 70, the wife of Prince Charles, 69, has an enormous jewellery collection..

Camilla Duchess of Cornwall has wardrobe malfunction – royal flashes petticoat

CAMILLA PARKER BOWLES had a wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet tonight. The 70-year-old wife.

Camilla Duchess of Cornwall looks fed up and suffers a bad hair day before royal wedding

CAMILLA PARKER BOWLES and Prince Charles landed back in the UK today after a tour.

Cornwall weather forecast: Met Office predict WARM spells ‘above normal’ for May

CORNWALL weather forecast: As the second May bank holiday rolls closer, the Met Office report.

Camilla Duchess of Cornwall wears a badge with this secret meaning in London tonight

CAMILLA PAKRER BOWLES, the Duchess of Cornwall, appeared in London today at a reception to.