Bitcoin LATEST: Cynic says ‘list’ sparked crypto BOOM and reveals what 2018 has in store

A CRYPTO cynic who told MPs they are dealing with a “fad” that has “very.

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BITCOIN has received backing by Twitter’s CEO to be the internet’s “native” currency in the.

S. Korea’s largest crypto exchange Upbit raided by police causing markets to crash

SOUTH Korea’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange Upbit, is under police investigation on suspicion of fraud. Daily.

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BITCOIN will be surpassed in the cryptocurrency realm by the end of 2018 according to.

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BITCOIN is heading south and now seems more likely to return to $ 8,000 rather.

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BITCOIN has slumped overnight with prices dropping by a near $ 300 back below $.

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BITCOIN wallet holders are hopeful for a return to $ 10k this week after the.

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BITCOIN briefly touched the $ 9k mark last night as confidence continues to swell. After.

Bitcoin price: Crypto expert claims bitcoin will be worth $30,000 by end of 2018

BITCOIN price could rise to $ 30,000USD by the end of 2018 if there is.

Bitcoin price: Blockchain founder says crypto doom forecasts were ‘WRONG’ for past 7 years

BITCOIN price is likely to eventually plummet according to a Morgan Stanley strategist – but.