Oil giant Total warns of IRAN EXIT as EU faces reality of US threats

FRENCH energy giant Total will quit Iranian oil if EU leaders fail to safeguard trade.

BT JOB CUTS: 13,000 roles to go and comms giant to QUIT London

BT is cutting 13,000 jobs over the next three years and leaving its central London.

Rees-Mogg reveals key factor that WILL protect consumers in GIANT Asda-Sainsbury’s merger

ASDA and Sainsbury’s merger will not damage consumers and competition will be maintained thanks to.

Google Maps: Giant mouth said to HIDE ‘black hole’ into ground spotted in Sudan desert

GOOGLE MAPS: Footage shows what appears to be a giant mouth in the middle of.

BITCOIN NEWS: Bitcoin falls as Japanese Government probes crytocurrency giant Binance

BITCOIN plummeted in value to just over $ 8,600 today after The Japanese Government slapped.